Relax, nothing is under control

It’s still cold, but the cold has changed. There is a gentleness woven into the chilly wind and when it touches your skin you suddenly remember: A warmth that soon will make your winter coat needless. The trees will green, the blossoms bloom. It always strikes me how I forget these characteristic experiences belonging to a different season. Off course I know, but is merely mental knowledge. I need the physical experience to stay in tune.

The spring equinox marks the tipping point in the shift from winter darkness towards spring brightness. The Sun crosses the equator with a promise of lengthening our daylight hours. Yang energy rise and transforms the inward winter Yin. It’s a major shift!

Our bodymind responds to this seasonal change, like all nature. We enjoy the birds with their twittering songs and sense how it uplifts our heart. We sigh when sun caresses our cheeks and long for a love that caresses us this way. Springtime awakens the expressive force in us, an energy that by its nature seeks connectedness. It’s Yang spring-energy flowing into all directions.

But spring can also make us feel wearisome or crabby. There is a certain stiffness, physical or mental, that holds us back. We lack the spirit of free movement. Spring energy is pushing outwards, but cannot get through. The flow is either being blocked by something or too weak to push through. Now everything surrounding us is in motion we become aware. But what to do?

Celebrate the blessing of spring season. It shakes-up everything. And yes, this might feel uncomfortable. A sense of losing control. Or feeling incompetent. If we sigh of delight or weariness, either way spring Yang invites us to reach out to what’s inside and bring into the open. Share your dreams. Try another way. Have fun. Grow. And if this means you have to face your demons, this is the time to do it. Spring Ki-energy will empower you. You will manage!

It’s the beauty of spring times in our live, be it seasonal or when awaken in the morning or starting something new, they bring something new to life. And it’ll take time to unfold. So be patient, follow your curiosity and relax, because you finally understand nothing is under control.

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