Spark of Life

We all carry a spark of life inside us. A light that illuminates our path and shines upon the world. Every day has its little sparkling moments: a smile, a warmhearted encounter, a sound, a story of beauty. It touches us and it lightens us up.

These special moments that brighten our day are often unnoticed. Our focus is elsewhere, on daily activities that claim all of our attention. It’s a shame, because we lack the enormous energy these little sparks hold for us. Try to step back for a moment, create a little room to perceive what’s easily been missed. Leave some spare time to let life spark and take it in. Like any other fire, the small flame of a candle or a huge crackling fire, it all needs oxygen. We need oxygen, breath of life, to sparkle. Our awareness, our inner focus, is the oxygen for our spark of life.

You can train your focus of awareness. Start by observing your breath. In and out. Observe how it moves your body, start with your shoulders. Can you feel how breath is changing the natural tension within your shoulders? Breath in strongly through your nose, it will bring your breathing down which centers you.

Observe, perceive and spark into the world!

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