Midsummer light

At midsummer we celebrate the longest day, we celebrate the light. The sun has reached its zenith and our days will shorten up until the longest night.

In most cultures the sunlight is being honored as a symbol of unity. For example, the alchemist symbol for the sun: a large circle with a small black dot in the middle. The dot represents the finiteness within the infinite. But it’s the little dot of finiteness that allows the infinite to manifest itself. It is within this synergy that unity is created.

We as human beings are the expression of this synergy, a little black dot embraced by infinity. Within us this unity is being manifested. However, we often experience rather the opposite. Feeling frustrated, lonely and insecure. How can we experience unity, I wonder?

This is the exercise I give myself: Realize nothing exists on its own. It’s the life creating connection among all things that bring all into existence. So, I try to recognize the (sun)light that’s an intrinsic part of my daily life. It’s part of the food I eat, the light I walk in, the fiber of my clothes, my inbreath, the people surrounding me. Sunlight is interwoven in all. It’s part of me and you. I try to be receptive for this reality and cherish the light within myself and all life that surrounds me. It’s the living connection that reminds us, consciously as well as unconsciously, of the unity of our existence.

This is what I celebrate on midsummer’s eve!

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