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Every workshop or lecture is one-of-a-kind. Uniquely designed for the specific occasion and attuned to its attendants. Signature themes are: body awareness, including the interaction between body awareness, self-awareness and social awareness; our sensory potential and the surprisingly rich scope of our perceptible abilities, in particular our sense of touch; resilience and the balancing act between tension and relaxation.

All of the above topics are interrelated and influence one another in multiple ways. This offers endless opportunities to explore and work with them, depending on the expressed interest. In any case you will gain practical experiences and new insights to take home.

In this workshop we’ll focus on the complex interaction of receiving and offering help. If the need of support has a chronic character, this often leads to serious tensions. Topics like ‘independence and dependency’, ‘attunement’, ‘communication’, ‘ownership and self- management‘ enter the stage. Using different case studies we’ll go deeper into the underlying dynamics of these topics. It becomes a ‘map’ of important questions to be asked and choices to be made in order to create and sustain a healthy dependency relationship.

Interesting for:

This topic has proved to be valuable for many, among those rehabilitation/ healthcare support workers, couples that have to deal with chronic disease or disablement of one of them, caregivers and, children taking care of their ageing parents.

A lecture on the importance of being engaged in your actions and how body awareness plays an important role in this. Many professional athletes and corporate executives know this by long, the key of performing at the best of your abilities is balancing effort and relaxation. Although it sounds obvious it’s difficult to implement this balancing act into daily life. Practical exercises and useful information, complemented with authentic personal experiences present you with a fresh look upon this topic.

Interesting for:

Anyone who wants to get inspired on improving their balancing skills in daily life

In this lecture I share my personal story of living with a progressive, chronic disease, Usher syndrome, causing serious deterioration of sight and hearing. The enormous impact of these disabilities on my life and dreams forced me to search for new opportunities. My story is about balancing loss and finding new grounds to express myself beyond impairments. It’s the story of Change, offering the lessons of life we all meet at one point. How to find courage to leave your comfort zone, how to grow trust to find your own way in unknown territory and how to practice patience and be kind to yourself along the way. I hope sharing my personal experiences of this ongoing journey will inspire you.

Interesting for:

If you are curious about what it means to be severely bad sighted and hearing impaired, when you are looking for inspiration or maybe need a little courage on your own journey or when you want to add meaning to the change management process in your organization, this lecture could be really valuable.

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